Mrs. Sarah Kilroe Dies in New York
Wayne Indepent,  December 18, 1928

       Mrs. Sarah Doherty Kilroe died in New York Sunday night , Dec. 16, 1928 at nine o'clock and the funeral will be held Thursday, Dec. 20 at St. John's Church, Honesdale.

        Deceased was born in the Parish of Kilglas, County Sligo, Ireland February 2, 1859, being the daughter of Patrick Doherty and Mary McCarthy Doherty and the youngest of  12  children.  Mrs. Kilroe was a resident of Tanners Falls, Wayne County, Pennsylvania for upwards of  ___  years. In the spring of 1861  ____ America in the sailing sloop, Mayflower, taking ___ days to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. The family settled on a  ___  farm near Tanners Falls, Wayne County and her father and brothers cut the timber and cleared  ____ on the farm which is now known as the Kilroe Farm. Her father was one of the early settlers in Dyberry Township and worked the farm which he cleared until his death in his 77th year in September of 1884; her mother died at the farm in December 3, 1894 at the age of 7_.

        Mrs. Kilroe is the last of twelve children; two died in infancy in Ireland and nine of the ten children who made the trip to America have since passed away. Her brothers first followed farming and lumbering and later engaged in the canal and transportation business under the name of Doherty Bros. A brother, Thomas Doherty, died as a result of a railroad accident in Scranton, __ September, 1874. After a number of years in business, the brothers dissolved the partnership and her brother, John, retired to his farm in Dyberry Township, where he died November 1, 1899. Hugh Doherty died in Jersey City, N.J. March __, 1904. Their brother, James J. retired to his farm at Lake Rosamond*, Rileyville, Wayne County and died October 31, 1911; Patrick H.Doherty continued in the transportation and wholesale ice industry until his death in Jersey City**February 1921. Her sister, Rose Doherty Burke, wife of Anthony Burke, died at Rileyville***,Maria Doherty Connelly, wife of James Connelly, died at Honesdale, July 1906 and Ann Doherty Herbert, died in Jersey City, N.J., February 1916.

        Her marriage took place October 28, 1876 at St. John's Roman Catholic rectory, Honesdale, to John Charles Kilroe.  Shortly afterward she began housekeeping at Tanner's Falls, at that time a prosperous tanning and ____ community of one hundred inhabitants where her husband was employed at the tannery of the late Coe F. Young whose lumber interest were later purchased
by Riefler & Sons.

        On May 11, 1882 she moved to New York where for upwards of two years, her husband was engaged in the transportation and boating business. On November 1, 1884, after the death of her husband, she returned to the old homestead and continued to live on the farm until in December 1913 when she and her family moved to Brooklyn, closing the house for the winter, the first time it was closed in 54 years since the time she had lived in New York City during the winter but returned to the old building on the farm every summer.

        Her husband died Feb. 25, 1902, as the result of an accident.  After his death she and her children worked the farm until she returned to New York in the fall of 1915. Mrs. Kilroe was the mother of twelve children each of whom are still living. Edwin P., a member of the New York and Pennsylvania Bars, for eight years an assistant district attorney of New York county and a well known author and authority on the Political History of New York city; James Vincent, an attorney of New York and Pennsylvania, past Grand Knight of the St. Martin of Tours Council, Knights of Columbus; Doctor John C. of Sloane Maternity hospital Medical Center, New York city; Anna R., a school teacher, New York city; Mrs. Elizabeth Barber of Erie, Pennsylvania.  Four children have died****, Rose A. December 3, 1891, aged two years; Emmett, October 1896 in infancy; Hugh R. November 5, 1902 aged 17 years and Mary E., October 3, 1927 age 45 years. Six of her children graduated from Honesdale high school: Edwin P, class of 96, Hugh R., 1901; James Vincent, 1905; Anna R., 1911, Thomas F., 1912 and John C., 1918. Three of her sons saw active service in France in the World War. Thomas F., first lieutenant in the 305th Machine Gun Co. was gassed and wounded and cited for gallantry in action.
John C. second lieutenant in aviation and James V. as a corporal in the Wild Cat Division. She has three grandsons and one granddaughter; John E. Barber, Hugh Barber and Mary Cecilia Barber of Erie, Pa., John Weir Kilroe of Honesdale.

        On Sunday, October 28, 1928 when at home on the farm she was stricken with pains in the stomach, which she believed were due to indigestion; on Wednesday, October 31st, she consulted Dr. Nielson of Honesdale, who advised her to consult specialists in New York. Mrs. Kilroe returned to New York on Sunday, November 4, 1928 and on Wednesday, November 7th, she was seized with a violent attack and taken to Lenox Hill hospital at midnight, in a private ambulance; there the malady was diagnosed as an inflamed gall bladder. On Saturday, November 10th, Dr. Dewitt Stetten, chief surgeon of Lenox Hill hospital performed an operation which revealed a malignant, cancerous growth of the sarcoma type. On Saturday, November 24th she was removed to her apartment at 203 West 117th street where she since has been under the constant care of her son, Dr. John C. Kilroe. Her daughters, Maude and Anna, have nursed her day and night.

* Became ill of Typhoid Fever while working on his canal boat.
**Pat died at his vacation home, West Camp, N.Y.  He also had a part of the business there.
*** Rose died on the canal boat.  We have yet to discover where she is actually buried.  She is named on a tombstone in St. John's Cemetery, Honesdale.
****Note inconsistency with prior statement.

Note from Mimi Steffen:  There were several places in the newspaper where the text was too faded to read.  Missing words or dates are indicated with a __.

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