Errata and Additions To Our Connections
January 2000

A-21  Line 1:  Carmody not Doherty.  Bob was defeated in the election of 1999. The Wayne Independent wrote a laudatory editorial, saying his defeat was unfortunate.

A-25 Second full paragraph, line 5: at that location. Owego is in the Binghamton area.

A-32: Research at the National Archives confirmed that Thomas enlisted in the Corcoran Brigade.  I will write my findings separately.

A-33:  From the History of the Municipalities of Hudson Co N. J.: V III, pg 522,23. Patrick moved to Jersey City in 1886 and worked as a wholesale ice merchant  for the next 25 years.  A daughter, Agnes, Married Alexander Hammill. At the time of the father's death, he was  President to the Jersey City School Board.

A-39:  Photo is as identified on original. Rev. P.J.Goffeney is most likely Father Gaffeny from St. Joseph's in Rileyville.

A-42  Anna, line 4:  Canaan Twp.

B-3  line 6:  capitalize County; third line from bottom...should be Dillon.

B-13:  Which Rosella Doherty is this?  Rosella Doherty Burke died in 1891.

B-16:  Top of second paragraph should be Mary Louie Burke.

C-1 last paragraph, line 4:  Should be Whiteman, should be Mary Louie Burke.

C-2  Second paragraph, line 4: Should be Burke.

C-7:  Mary Doherty related that Jim Burke would stop at Rose Lake to see his sister, Mary, and  stay about twenty minutes. He visited no other relatives in the area.  She also says that according to her mother, Alice, his home was the first house on the left going north past Hilltop Church on Route 247 north of the intersection with 371.

C-12 Third paragraph:  Paul is the name of the third brother.

C-14   Fourth line from bottom:  Catherine. John P. Murray (Sr.) worked in the mines for 18 years. Then he began a livery business.  He later opened a gas station on North Main St.

C-15:  Don't know where I got information about Ann. Anne Yorke Whiteman says she died at age 13 from kidney disease.
C-15  Bottom Paragraph: They were married June 23, 1928, the day of my birth!
C-15: Gene began as a common miner but earned his Civil Engineering Degree. Later he worked for the PA Dept. of Highways (Penn Dot).

C-16 Photo:  Center child is Bill.
C-16 Last paragraph:  Tish Yorke

C-17:   The McCormicks, Jim's in-laws were the owners of the store.  At the time of my parents wedding, he was attending Columbia University.

C-17 Photo:  Josephine is the Madigan's foster child. She is last in the row. Ada Doherty was married by then.  Should be Steffen in photo.

C 18-19 Bottom photo:  Gentleman is not John Murray. Compare with  C-14 A.  It is  Jim Burke.  And also misidentified in group photos on these two pages. The bottom photo is all the living siblings at that time. In upper photo John Murray is in rear line between John Doherty and James Murtha.

E-7:  So much for my memory. Mary Doherty says it took took two horses to pull the mower, not cutter. One was correct for the rake.

E-10: According to Mary Doherty, there was tuition at Lenox Hill Nursing School in addition to large book fees. She remembers because she contributed towards them.

E-18:   Bertha Doherty taught at Latourette School on Township Road 4019 in Lebanon Township for the August 1905 to June 1906 term. Her salary was $35 per month.

E-28:  Ada taught at Latourette School in Lebanon Township the year after her sister, Bertha, 1906-07. She received $105 per term.  I have yet to locate the school or its records which my mother mentioned. Latourette could well have been the school my mother mentioned. It is one road east of where she said that school was located.

E-29:  According to Tricia Murray Myers, her father, Jim, was attending Columbia University at the time.

E-34:  HOLC was the FDR program to help people purchase a home. Home Owners Loan Corp.

E-39:  Photo is of George Steffen.

E-41:  Morristown was where Paul and Ann Steffen lived. Ann had nursed at that hospital and knew many of the doctors. Richard worked long hours on the milk route.

E-41: Robert Emmet - Mary Doherty stated that Grandma Doherty indicated he was buried next to the McCormick plot in back of St. Joseph's Church.  Since there were no markers, Grandma could not give the exact location.

E-42:  The Cenacle was founded on a Jesuit model of training. A tertianship in the Jesuit organization is the third probationary period. It is the final year of formation and is designed to be a period of personal perfection.

E-46: According to Mary C. Doherty, Jim was the first born and then came John.